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  • Enterprises with High levels of Digital Intensity
  • e_di_hivhi
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  • Enterprises with High levels of Digital Intensity
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  • The Digital Intensity score is based on counting how many out of 12 technologies are used by each enterprise. High levels are attributed to those enterprises using at least 7 of the listed digital technologies.
  • The 2015 list of technologies includes: usage of internet by a majority of the workers; access to ICT specialist skills; fixed broadband speed > 30 Mbps; mobile devices used by more than 20% of employed persons; has a website; has some sophisticated functions on the website; presence on social media; does e-sales for at least 1% of turnover; exploit the B2C opportunities of web sales; use an ERP software; use a CRM software; share electronically supply chain management information. In 2016 the last 3 indicators have been replaced with: pay to advertise on the internet; purchase cloud computing advanced services; send eInvoices. There is thus a break in series with in general a reduction of the digital intensity scores.
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